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Whether you are starting to plan for retirement in a few years or are already retired,
the professionals at Executive Planners NC are ready to create strategies for your retirement assets to help you live out the retirement of your dreams.

2020 has presented some of the greatest challenges and opportunities we’ve seen in decades. Be sure you’ve got the resources and information you need to make the most of the situation through this free, no obligation, consult.

Together, we’ll: 

•  Evaluate your financial situation to determine the appropriate path forward for retirement
Create a step-by-step action plan to maximize tax savings 
Provide a free, no obligation, risk assessment based on your current portfolio allocation
Guide your investment choices based on your goals
And identify the next steps to you need to take to prioritize those goals

This is a free, no obligation, service provided by Executive Planners NC.

“What’s the plan?” 

All plans are completely customized to the client, depending on your specific situation.

Here are a few potential options that we’ll discuss, to see if they’re a good fit for you:

•  Tax savings adjustments
Adjusting allocations to generate potential income
Update beneficiaries for proper wealth transfers
Establish an attorney relationship to make sure wills and trusts are up to date (since these laws do not transfer state-to-state)
And more depending on your specific situation

If you (or your family) are asking pointed questions like... 

“When will I be ready for retirement?”, 
“What’s going to happen to my 401k when I retire?”, or 
“What’s the best tax strategy to reduce my burden in retirement?”

Then this consult may be the best next step for your family. 

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Jonathan LaRocca

Wealth Management Advisor


Jonathan M. LaRocca is a Wealth Management Advisor in Brevard, North Carolina. 

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This is a free, no-obligation, service that we provide because we believe however you invest and manage your portfolio, this valuable information will help you make informed decisions for your future and beyond.